About the Company

Urban K9 is a professional dog training and boarding company co-founded by Ethan and Serene in 2016. Ethan’s professional training and field experience with dogs, coupled with Serene’s experience in home-based dog boarding and daycare, led them to establish Urban K9. The company’s goal is to equip dog owners with proper education, tools, and techniques to create meaningful relationships with their dogs and achieve mastery of dog behaviour and psychology. Urban K9 utilises the power of the pack to help rehabilitate certain dogs and reveal their true potential. The company’s focus on balance and harmony with ever-changing packs of dogs has enabled them to influence a larger group of dog owners and help create better relationships between dogs and their owners.

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Services: training, daycare, staycay
Tailored solutions: Our approach goes beyond obedience commands and avoids a one-size-fits-all approach.
Dog Psychology: We focus on helping clients understand their dogs' mindset, cognition, and body language.
Balanced Training: We educate clients on fulfilling their dogs' needs and using various training techniques and operant conditioning.
Real-World Solutions: Our goal is to provide clients with personalized, long-term solutions that they can apply in their daily lives.
Packages Available: Choose from a variety of packages including private coaching, group classes, and K9 Bootcamp.

Price starts from S$150-750