About the Company

We’ve come some way since starting out in the mid 2010s as a small animal concept. Today we offer daycare, staycations, grooming and pet transport for all furkids, big or small. We believe that in our cityscape, our furkids’ physical, psychological and social needs too often get neglected. Our full service concept seeks to elevate our city furkid’s lives in a wholistic manner. Underpinning all our offerings are empathy and knowledgable expertise, delivering best in class pet services across our three outlets spread across the island.

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24-hr services
Services catered to feline, canine, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits
Services: Grooming, Staycation, Daycare, Canine Training, Puppy Package, Local Pet Transport
Room types: Standard Suite, Superior Suite, Deluxe Suite, Single, Double, Large, Small, Classic
During the day, we will allows all pets free roaming floor time, and dogs get to enjoy our comprehensive socialisation activities that include pack walks, dog parks and even swims

Price starts from SGD10-95