About the Company

Verticlimb, Singapore’s pioneering gamified Indoor Rock Climbing studio, offers an immersive and challenging experience meticulously designed with detailed planning and automated controls. Our focus is on sharing the joy and expertise of climbing in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, ensuring the best rock climbing experience for our visitors. We aim for climbers to depart with smiles, carrying a profound sense of accomplishment from a fantastic workout and newfound self-discovery.

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Gamified Indoor Climbing: Verticlimb offers Singapore's first gamified indoor rock climbing experience, designed for both physical and mental challenges.
Certified and Experienced Coaches: Coaches with over 10 years of rock climbing experience and certifications ensure safety and offer personalized guidance for climbers of all levels.
Tailored Classes: Classes are tailored for kids, families, and corporate groups, fostering a community where everyone can enjoy and learn the art of climbing.
Fully Guided Sessions: All climbing gear is provided, offering a hassle-free experience with fully guided and belayed climbing sessions, accommodating first-timers and those afraid of heights.

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