About the Company

W GYNAE Women’s Clinic was established in 2016 by Dr. Ben Choey. W GYNAE Women’s Clinic is dedicated to bring affordable high quality and personalized medical care to women of all ages. We are located in a prime residential estate in Ang Mo Kio Central to deliver accessible and quality care at your convenience. Our team of dedicated specialist and nurses strive to deliver care to women from all walks of life. W GYNAE Women’s Clinic is dedicated to be your reliable partner in women’s healthcare.

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Provides a comprehensive range of services including general gynaecology services, general obstetrics care, well-women screening packages, pregnancy packages, management of abortion
Managed by Dr. Ben Choey Wei Yen, a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology who is also certified by Aesthetics Practice Oversight Committee (Singapore Medical Council) in Aesthetic Dermatology
Offers comprehensive and affordable antenatal package for patient's needs during pregnancy

Price starts from S$148-418

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