About the Company

Wanderlust Adventures is made up of a group of experienced anglers, divers and boaters and we take pride in introducing our clients to memorable experiences.
With our intimate knowledge of the waters, we create and deliver customized yacht packages that will allow you to cast your cares ashore and live in the moment for an unforgettable day of exploration and wonder.

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Pet-Friendly Cruises: Enjoy a pet-friendly cruise experience with Wanderlust Adventures, available for all the packages offered.
The Pet Cruise package allows you cruise through the captivating Southern Islands as well as take leisurely beach walks with your pets.
Complimentary Water Activities: Dive into complimentary kayaking, paddleboarding, and floating mat experiences, adding excitement to your cruise.
Yacht Selection: Choose from a variety of yachts, including MNF and SYNERGY 1, to customize your ideal cruise experience.

Price starts from S$1099-1299