About the Company

Royal Rides specializes in luxury wedding car rental in Singapore. Having been in this line for several years, Royal Rides has served many happily married couples on their very big day. On your very big day, you wish to have the perfect dream car for your perfect wedding. Make yours a memorable wedding, choose Royal Rides as we gladly guide you through this enchanted journey. We are always happy to witness blessed smiles and heartening moments at weddings. At Royal Rides, we aim to meet all your needs on the perfect day.

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Offers a wide variety of services, including bridal or wedding car rental, ROM car rental, luxury car rental, and limousine services
Featured on Best in Singapore
You are allowed to ask the driver to fetch third party i.e parents, friends for joyrides as long as it is within the hire period
Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limousine available for rent
Complimentary soft drinks, ice and glasses are provided

Price starts from S$350-2118

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