About the Company

We are an event company that focuses on customised decor, styling and planning management founded by Lily Lu since 2009. With a bunch of fun, creative and enthusiastic team who are detailed and love pretty things! Each wedding that we planned is much more than just a wedding. It’s a wonderful story to be remembered and shared: a personal fairytale, experience of a lifetime, dream fulfilled, and best time with family and friends.

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Focuses on customised decor, styling and planning management
Chapter One: Wedding Design & Decor package suitable for couple who have no clue on deciding their theme and decors
Chapter Two: Wedding Design & Wedding Day Coordination package suitable for savvy and sophisticated couples
Chapter Three: Full Wedding Planning, the signature package covers all aspects of wedding planning and execution
Packages inclusive of: Wedding Consultation, Creative Direction: Mood Board & Color Scheme, Wedding Design & Conceptualization, Styling Preparation: Site Visit, Sourcing, Production, Crafting Props, Decorations: Materials, Props, Flowers, Logistics and Execution: Actual Day Styling, Delivery Arrangements, Setting Up & Tearing Down

Price starts from S$1800

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