About the Company

Window Blind Singapore humbly set up in 1995 as a home-based customized curtain maker in the HDB flat, and we are one of the leading curtain shops in Singapore now. For more than two decades, Window blind Singapore continually provides the top-notch window covering products and creating a beautiful, unique ambiance for every customer. Regardless of residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we committed to providing our clients with our professional advice and thumb-up services. Up to date, Window Blind Singapore has supplied and install different design styles of curtains and window blinds for more than ten thousand customers with our mission of 100% customer satisfaction. However, our vision is to continuously offer great affordable products with functionality and always be your reliable curtain shop in Singapore.

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Limited time promotions available
2 years warranty
Offers window films, office curtain and blinds, curtain rail tracks, flexible curved curtain tracks, wood curtain rods
Blind types: roller blinds, outdoor blinds, timber wooden blinds, bamboo blinds, PVC blinds, Venetian blinds, Korean rainbow blinds

Price starts from S$8-388

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