About the Company

With high quality products, YONEX will continue to enrich the world with sports.
By combining timeless Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we have been giving players the tools they need to triumph on the court for over 60 years. The Yonex philosophy has always remained the same: to contribute to the world through innovative technology and the highest-quality products.

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Offers sporting goods of Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Running, and Snowboarding.
SunRise perks: We offer free delivery on all orders over $80.
Badminton racket tech: Aero-Box Frame, Black Micro Core, Energy Boost Cap/Plus, Hyper Slim Shaft, Isometric, Namd, Nanometric, New Built In T-Joint, New Grommet Pattern, Rotational Generator System, Solid Feel Core

Price starts from S$16-323