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Yumi active celebrates everyday women with a zest for life, who glow with strength, confidence and beauty. Functional but boring activewear is old news. Yumi is inspired by haute couture and brings a little of the runway to the gym, yoga studio, and running track. Our on-trend designs, contemporary cuts and fashionable performance fabrics will elevate your fitness game. Call us picky, but we have high standards. We spare no effort to find high quality sports fabric that multi-tasks. It must keep you comfortable, fresh, dry, protected, supported and more while you workout. After tons of research, testing, experiments with fabric mills and piles of samples, we’ve curated (and are still curating) the top performers for you!

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Products: yoga blocks, yoga straps, wrist and ankle weights, pilates mats, mat towels, yoga wheels, yoga mats
Unique signature Asian designs inspired from the Sarong Kebaya, a traditional blouse-dress combination with origins from Javanese, Peranakan and Orientalist styles.
Tech: miGrip (ultra absorbent, quick drying, slip resistant top, lightweight, machine washable, colour fast, exceptional durability, odour-resistant, anti-bacterial, skid-free bottom), miPro (absorbs moisture, quick drying, slip resistant grip, firm support, joint protection, eco-friendly, exceptional durability, natural rubber foundation, free from latex, silicone & toxic chemicals, anti bacterial), miAlign (supports challenging poses, non toxic materials, improves form alignment, get an incredible stretch, improves flexibility, eco-friendly, easy to upkeep, exceptional durability), and more.

Price starts from S$27-126

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