Essential Appliances to Have in Your Home

Kitchen with home appliances and kids posing.

Congratulations on your new home!

Whether it is an HDB flat, condominium, or landed house, homeowners won’t be able to contain the happiness of finally residing in a new settlement together with their beloved family. And by this time, perhaps you have been eyeing some sumptuous furniture that will adorn your home as well as staple appliances to help you with the day-to-day chores.

However, many homeowners can get carried away with some aesthetically pleasing furniture and appliances without much consideration and end up buying things they don’t really use, or items that take up too much space in their homes. So, instead of wasting your money on unnecessary items, it’s better to plan your shopping by sticking to your budget and your needs.

If you’ve been looking for some home appliances, try to be mindful of the expense and go for the essentials. What is essential to others may be different to you, but has compiled a list of staple home appliances to help you narrow down your options.


Essential home appliances

You don’t have to compulsively buy a large number of appliances at one time just because you think that they complement your interior design well. Instead, ask yourself whether the appliances of your choice will benefit you in the long run, especially when it comes to doing daily chores. Find the household appliances that fit your lifestyle to save you the disappointment of purchasing them.

You can consider these essential household appliances before coming up with the other ones.


Health and comfort: aircon and air purifier

We all know that there’s a reason for our sunny island to be called so. We don’t want warm temperatures and the high humidity of our tropical land to hinder the convenience of doing day-to-day activities indoors and for this reason, air cooling and cleaning systems become a total game changer for homeowners.

An air conditioner is a staple appliance in your home that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s no more a luxury as it helps alleviate the scorching heat that we all Singaporeans experience every day. Almost all major electronic appliance manufacturers carry different types of aircon, including Daikin, Sharp, Panasonic, and Toshiba, to name a few.

Pro-tip: Aside from the brand, find an aircon with proven energy efficiency.

You may also consider getting an air purifier for better air quality. This appliance is quite beneficial for your health as it cleanses the air of harmful particles and contaminants from the outside, such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Apure’s air purifier is engineered with advanced 3-in-1 air filtration technology for optimal performance. Their products support mobile application access for a niftier control and each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty.


Kitchen essentials: refrigerator and hob

A refrigerator is undoubtedly a major home appliance that plays an integral part in your kitchen as it helps with the longevity of your food’s freshness and quality. There are many brands carrying refrigerators with different models and styles that you can choose from; however, it’s essential to mind the size of your refrigerator, choosing the one that perfectly fits your space. 

In this case, you’ll also need to know which type of refrigerators to buy as it determines the size of your bulky appliance. The most common choice of refrigerator type in Singapore is the classic top freezer refrigerator. If you’ve got a lot of space in your kitchen, you can go all the way to the high-end French door refrigerator. For a smaller space, a side-by-side refrigerator could be your best bet as it offers more compact storage. 

Another choice is a single-door refrigerator, one of which is by Smeg. They are well-known for their stylish iconic retro design, totally a feast for the eyes of homeowners who love aesthetics even for their home appliances.

You also don’t want to miss out on a hob for a better cooking experience. Whether it is a gas hob or an induction hob, you can count on some brands carrying such products. Electrolux’s gas hob comes with 3 cooking zones and FlameShield technology which improves efficiency and results. Miele’s induction hob is another great choice for food preparation as it features innovative convenience: the cooker hood reacts automatically to settings on the hob.

When it comes to choosing the best hob for your kitchen, keep in mind some of the pros and cons of each type of hob. For a faster heating hob, go for a gas hob. If you have difficulties cleaning your cookware, your best bet would be the induction hob.


Laundry: washing machine and dryer

Doing the laundry manually can be pretty tiring, so purchasing a washing machine and dryer is another investment worth making. Washer usually comes in top-load and front-load styles. The top-load configuration may require more water consumption, but it is perfect for those who prefer not to bend over while doing the laundry. They are also fairly cheaper and easy to move around compared to front-load washers. 

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option, go with a front-load washer. A front-loading washing machine is also known for a lesser dry time and water consumption. Many big brands such as Samsung and LG carry both types of washers with competitive features, one of the cutting-edge technologies includes the AI direct drive which offers optimised wash to protect your laundry by sensing fabric softness automatically.

While most washers come with a dryer feature, you might also opt for an automated laundry system. This smart system basically comprises indoor laundry racks where you no longer depend on sunlight and ventilation for drying as it comes with an in-built LED light. You can check out some manufacturers based in Singapore for this laundry system, including Ez Living, GoodLiving, Mensch, HipVan, Steigen, Airer, 178SmartCare, and Captain, among others.


Entertainment: TV and home projector

A TV and home projector become other essential home appliances as they offer endless possibilities for home entertainment. You can pick whatever LED TV of your choice from different brands and sizes that offer cutting-edge technology and features depending on your budget and needs. 

And let’s not forget to level up your game with a home projector, too. There are even some local manufacturers in Singapore which offer bespoke options for a home projector like AV Intelligence and AOE, so make sure you get the most suitable projector to have fun at home. The fun part is that you can game with a large screen. The set-up can be easy too with either a standing screen, mounted screen or even just a blank white wall.


With the endless options of home appliances available on the market, it’s best for you to do your research before purchasing one. Keep in mind your budget, lifestyle and how long you plan to use these appliances. is your go-to place to find out the best household appliances to complete your home.