The Different Types of Baby Car Seats

Baby safely secured in a car seat

While it’s an exciting experience to bring your little one out for an adventure, it is important that safety comes first. This is when a baby car seat becomes one of your essential parenting arsenals.

In Singapore, parents are advised to keep their younger kids (anyone below the height of 1.35m) safe while in transport with appropriate restraints, booster seats, or adjustable seatbelts. Under the Road Traffic Act, it is stated that anyone driving with no proper seat belt or restraint could be fined up to SGD1,000 and/or jailed for up to three months.

Consequently, as parents, you have to keep your children’s safety as a top priority by choosing the most suitable restraint for them. This is when an infant safety seat plays an integral part in protecting your child on car journeys. Thus, it is good to be prepared when it’s time to look for the perfect baby car seat to have installed in your vehicle.

Shopping for a baby car seat may seem like a simple task, but it is crucial to pick the right baby car seat type. While it’s good to look for one that suits your lifestyle and budget, let’s not forget that you have to consider the baby’s age, height, and weight as well. As it would be a daily essential, it is important to ensure that you also pay attention to your little ones’ safety and comfort.

If you don’t know which type to invest in, use this list of different types of baby car seats as a cheat sheet for a safety seat lookout.

Infant Bucket Seats

For parents with a newborn baby, this car seat type is for you. Also known as rear-facing only car seats and bucket seats, they are designed for newborns up to toddlers around the age of two. This type of seat is usually designed to face in the rear position only for the safety of small children around these ages.

On top of that, infant bucket seats can also serve as a carrier nowadays. If you have more than one car, an infant car seat is especially a good choice as you can buy multiple car seat bases for the other vehicles.

Joie’s I-Gemm 2 Carseat is a great choice for parents looking for a baby car seat which also doubles as a carrier. It features an exclusive Tri-Protect headrest offering 3 layers of security, including patented Intelli Fit memory foam for added protection. Even if your baby is growing up, the multi-height headrest and harness system can be adjusted swiftly without having to re-thread the harness.

Convertible Car Seat

A convertible car seat can be your best bet if you’re looking for ultimate protection in the long run without having to worry about upgrading the seat whenever your baby is growing up. This awesome investment is suitable for newborns all the way up to school-aged children around 12 years old.

In contrast to the infant bucket seat, a convertible car seat offers two modes of positioning: rearward facing and forward facing. Depending on the height and weight of your child, you can switch it either way. Infants and toddlers usually sit rearward, as it is the safest position recommended by childcare experts. On the other hand, older children can sit in a forward-facing car seat.

Perhaps the only downside of this type of baby car seat is that it doesn’t double as a baby carrier since the seat comes with non-detachable bases and is quite bulky. But if that isn’t a concern, you can definitely pick this type of baby car seat.

Try Nado O10 car seat, one of Beblum’s convertible car seats for infants and little children. It truly grows with your child as the safety equipment expands both height and width, all with just one pull. Nado O10 also features a head and EPS side insert for enhanced impact protection.

3-in-1 Seats

Another baby seat type is the 3-in-1 or all-in-one baby car seat. While it’s quite similar to the convertible seat, the 3-in1 seat also acts as a booster seat. This type of safety seat can accommodate older children for a better rear-facing riding experience.

A great example of a booster seat is Britax’s Grow With You ClickTight US Booster Seat. It features 2 layers of side impact protection surrounding the head, neck, as well as torso. For added safety, Grow With You comes with SafeCell Impact Technology that creates a crumple zone that absorbs crash energy. Through their ClickTight Installation, you’ll know it’s right just in 3 easy steps. 

After deciding on which type of child safety seat suits your needs the best, start researching for your perfect baby car seat with We have a comprehensive list of baby car seats from numerous manufacturers with prices starting from as cheap as SGD199, so make sure to check it out.