What to Look Out for When Choosing a Gynae in Singapore

Alt Text: A pregnant woman attending a gynecologist appointment for prenatal care in Singapore.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As a mother-to-be, you might be overwhelmed with happiness in welcoming the sweetest little creature to the world. Perhaps you’ve started looking for names, thinking about how cute those onesies will look on your little angel, or you are currently waiting for a maternity photoshoot to commemorate the emotional moment of conceiving your baby.

Even so, you might feel overwhelmed by lots of other stuff, not to mention finding the best Gynae to accompany your maternal journey to ensure the best for that little heartbeat. While we have a world-class healthcare system, it’s still crucial to find the best Gynae in Singapore that you really trust and are comfortable with.

If you don’t know where to start, you can consult our list of important things that should be on the lookout for when choosing a Gynae in Singapore.

Male or female Gynae?

No, we’re not being misogynistic here. It’s totally up to you whether you prefer to book the top male Gynae in Singapore or best female Gynae in Singapore. Some mothers-to-be may feel more comfortable consulting a female Gynae, while some others have no problems seeing a male Gynae instead.

If you’re looking for a female Gynae, you can consider seeing Dr Anne Hagarty. She’s one among a few Western female Gynaecologists residing in Singapore with more than four decades of experience in obstetrics & Gynaecology. Trained in Canada and the UK, she specialises in infertility treatment and Gynaecological surgery. You can see this trusted pregnancy doctor in her clinic at Paragon Medical.

Being in medical practice since 1986, Dr Chang is one of the top male Gynae in Singapore specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with a myriad of experience and is currently working at WC Cheng and Associates, Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore. He is also a Consultant in Fetal Maternal Medicine at Thomson Medical Centre and the Head and Clinical Director, of the Fetal Assessment Centre, Singapore Women’s Medical Group.


Make sure you’ve set a budget before deciding on a Gynae to consult as it won’t be a one-time visit only. For those looking for the cheapest Gynae in Singapore, consider practitioners who work for public hospitals. You can also opt for private hospitals as some offer affordable 4-bedded rooms. 

The costs vary from one Gynae to another, so you have to think carefully for the long run. Dr Paul Tseng charges a single consultation from SGD110 while consulting Gynae at Raffles Women’s Centre will cost you SGD168 per visit. On the other hand, some practitioners like Dr Liana Koe offer antenatal packages with competitive rates.

Clinic locations

While it’s good to finally find the best Gynae in Singapore after some research, it’ll be such a pity if their clinics are far away from your house or office. It’s because you’re going to see them quite often, especially when it’s closer to the due date. So, if you have narrowed down your options and all of them are equally suitable for you, consider the Gynae or clinic that is nearest to your house or office. This way, you could save the stress of having to travel back and forth to different places.

Gynae’s speciality and experience

With the top-class healthcare system, you won’t run out of expert Gynae in Singapore. There are a great number of reputable Gynae specialists with decades of experience that will help you with the maternal journey you’re going through. You just need to find one who is experienced in attending to your needs.

If you are in the high-risk category, reach out to Gynae with more experience in managing high-risk pregnancies. Don’t simply buy claims; instead, check their training background and experience on their website. You can also gain insight from fellow mothers who went to the same Gynae to do some cross-checks on your findings.

Do your research on the best Gynae in Singapore

With the endless options of the top Gynae in Singapore, it’s important to do some Googling to find out the most suitable one based on your needs. As there are several factors to take into account when deciding on the best Gynae to consult, you can count on GoCompare.sg to help you with narrowing down your options hassle-free. Check out our website and find the best healthcare professionals in a jiffy.