What to Look Out for When Choosing an Interior Designer in Singapore

Interior designer browsing an interior design magazine for inspiration.

With countless options for interior design firms in Singapore, homeowners might be overwhelmed in deciding the best interior designer to make their dream home come true. If you’re facing the same problem, fret not–we’ve got you covered with crucial aspects to look out for to give your home a new look by hiring an interior designer without hurting your budget.

1. Interior designer accreditation

Never compromise when it comes to your settlement; that being said, the first and most important thing in choosing an interior design company is by checking out the firm’s accreditation. Make sure the company of your choice is certified by CaseTrust and Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association (RCMA). These accreditations safeguard homeowners with a company that has trusted standards, work processes, business practices, and ethics.

For HDB  Resale or BTO flat owners, don’t forget to find a good interior design company that is registered with HDB as they are knowledgeable in guidelines for building works and are aware of the types of work eligible to carry out in your flat. 

It’s also necessary to ask them questions regarding the suppliers and contractors they engage with to ensure top workmanship. You’ll also find past client reviews quite helpful in coming to a decision.

2. Value for money

While you may already set a budget for home renovations, try to find a company that matches your budget with the best quality. Enquire about some available discounts or renovation packages offered at competitive prices. You also need to consider the payment methods available and pick the most suitable one for your needs.

Many Singaporean homeowners probably often wonder, “How much does an interior designer typically cost?”. It may vary from one company to another, starting roughly from SGD2,000 up to SGD40,000 and more, depending on the type of renovation sought after. So, keep in mind to find the best interior design firm that offers reasonable prices for their services.

3. Designer’s portfolio

By this time, you may already come across some interior design firms showcasing their portfolios, and some are undoubtedly vibrant and beautiful. However, take note that companies usually have more experience in some particular styles they tend to favour, so you can start thinking about the design concept of your dream house and choose a company that will best execute your plan.

That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to a company’s portfolios. Don’t shy away from asking them about your grand design and see whether they could meet your expectations. It’s best to choose an interior design firm that has in-house designers as they usually have more diverse portfolios that cater to your preferences. An experienced designer also has good taste in space concepts, texture, and colour coordination, so be sure to find these out during your consultation.

4. After-sales services

Even after your project is completed, sometimes defects can be found. Therefore, you also have to consider any after-sale support and warranty available. Learn your contract well and make sure that these valuable supports are clearly stated there to avoid unpleasant things taking place in the future.

5. Best interior designers in Singapore

Start researching the best interior designers to make your home dream come true with GoCompare.sg. We have curated lists of top interior design companies in Singapore that will cater to your needs.

Established in 2014, Space Atelier is a creative interior design firm that approaches design through rigorous inquiry into the needs and challenges unique to each project. Their team gears toward delivering tailored-made solutions and crafting spaces to reflect the exceptional quality of clients’ individuality, tastes, and lifestyle. They are experienced in a wide range of design concepts, including Scandinavian, Industrial, Victorian Modern, Modern Luxury, Bohemian, Urban Modern, Minimalist, and Modern Contemporary, to name a few.

Eight Design is another reputable firm that has been offering exceptional services as an interior and renovation contractor in Singapore for more than 15 years. They pride themselves in offering affordable home renovation that looks anything but cheap. Eight Design is renowned for its signature services, combining cutting-edge design and technology with timeless, traditional architectural elements to create a space which strikes the ideal balance between form and function.

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