About the Company

The ultimate quality and most comfortable carrier from Korea!
Hipseat carrier made with an ergo detachable “Hip Seat” for your baby to seat on while being carried. Advanced lumbar support with extra waist & shoulder padding for moms and dads making the AAG carrier ergonomic and comfortable to wear.
4in1 Designed front pouch for essential items and convertible to ventilated mesh pocket to keep baby cool!

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Made from high-end Material for the most luxurious feelings against baby skin
Breathable mesh for the best and safest feeling on baby skin
Detachable "Hip Seat" for baby to seat on instead of dangling. Fully supports baby SPINE. Plus size compatible.
Ergonomic & comfortable on the lower back + shoulders with Advanced Lumbar Support technology and Super Shoulder Strap Padding

Price starts from S$169