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Our founder, Amy, had a tough childbirth in 1994. In which, she realized the importance of proper recovery for mothers in the days after childbirth. At the same time, the baby must be cared for as well. Hence, after setting on a journey to understand more about the confinement tradition and the best methods to care for a new born, Amy founded AmyNanny Confinement Nanny Services in 2004. Today, she continues to impart her knowledge and methods to all her nannies, ensuring the best care for both mummy and baby. Many of our mummies and babies still keep in touch with us even after the confinement period. Here at AmyNanny, we strive not only to provide an excellent service to both mummy and baby, but a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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Duties involve taking care of the baby day and night, bathing, feeding, wash and sterilize the milk bottles, change diapers, taking care of the mother, cook nutrition confinement food, prepare herbal bath for the mother, laundry for the mother and baby, and marketing
All the administrative and logistic arrangements well taken care of

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