About the Company

Automate Asia is a forward-thinking smart home solutions provider that embraces open and innovative technologies for homes and offices. With a focus on empowering customers, our wide-ranging smart home system offers intuitive features and a future-proof platform. Compatible with 50,000 devices and 500 brands globally, we ensure seamless integration for a personalized and transformative living experience.

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Unparalleled compatibility with 50,000 devices and 500 brands worldwide.
Up to 2 years warranty for flagship products, ensuring confidence in product recommendations.
Product agnostic approach, tailoring solutions based on individual needs and budget.
Smart home packages tailored to different property types and budget considerations.
Beyond smart homes, providing commercial and construction IoT solutions.
Reliable networking solutions for home and small offices, ensuring seamless wifi and download speed.
Friendly and knowledgeable tech support, offering assistance and advice on various tech matters.

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