About the Company

AVV Electricals Private limited is based in Singapore, simply known as 24 Hours Emergency electrical services. We are specialist in providing one stop electrical installation. Our Maintenance will be around 24/7 Emergency Service. Our repair work is also efficient it can be done in the 24/7 services. We are different kinds of Electrical wiring services, installation and trouble shooting along with this services.

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Singapore Electrician professional and HDB licensed electrician
Offers a phone call discussion service without any service fee obligations
Mainly focuses on the installations and the repair
Services: All Electrical projects, including, new Wiring & rewiring of the space; Draw Single line, Testing, Commissioning, LEW Endorsement, and SP submission; Power Socket Installation, Ceiling Fan Installation, and Balancing; Ceiling Fan Repairs (slow-moving), Electrical Repairs, Electrical Oven repairs; Bulb Replacements and lighting repairs; Telecommunications wiring & installation (Intercom), among others

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