About the Company

Founded in 2004 by a Tasmanian mother, Dooley Crighton-Bellamy who wanted to provide a nutritious organic choice for her children. At Bellamy’s Organic, we combine expertise in infant nutrition with science and premium organic ingredients to deliver a truly unique blend, that supports the healthy growth and development of your child. Organic milk has more of the good stuff because its produced as nature intended, without synthetic chemicals or processes. We use certified organic cow’s milk in our formulas, and with less than 1% of the world’s dairy milk certified organic, it’s pretty special.

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Certified Organic
Zinc necessary for normal immune system function
Sucrose free
Enriched with 16 key vitamins and minerals
Iodine, iron and zinc to contribute to normal cognitive function
No added colours, flavours or preservatives
Offers organic formula for infants (0-12 months), 12+ months, 2+ and 3+ years

Price starts from S$55-59