About the Company

At DoorVisual, we create visually captivating quality entrance for your home. Our DoorVisual showroom was to offer display settings that feel like a home entrance set up, making it easy for customers to visualize the products in their own space. According to that, our concept in this showroom is to give a comfortable purchase for the customers. We have come up with ongoing trendy designs and upcoming models, and we have the best manufacturing team support, this is the reason for our new innovative designs. When it comes to sales support, for sure our sales staffs provide you pillar support for your entire purchase.

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Sliding Timber Door
Main doors: single tone door, double tone door, stainless steel door
Toilet doors: V-fold toilet doors, Slide and swing toilet doors, Bi-fold toilet doors, Glass toilet doors
Bedroom doors: Laminate Bedroom Door, Barn Door, Premium Door Lining
Features: Easy Maintenance, Scratch Resistant, No painting & varnishing required, High Durable, Water Resistent

Price starts from S$400-1789

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