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Futurahaus is a recognised and authorised Control4 GOLD dealer, specialising in smart home automation solutions. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, Futurahaus offers cutting-edge technologies and personalised home automation solutions to enhance the comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency of homes. As a leading provider of smart home solutions, Futurahaus serves both existing and future clients with top-notch service, advanced technologies, and unparalleled expertise in the field of home automation.

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Futurahaus offers a comprehensive range of smart home services, including smart lighting, home theater setup, multi-room audio, comfort solutions, home automation, and security systems.
Futurahaus offers a fully integrated and harmonious smart home system, controlled through a single user-friendly application.
Multiple control options, including mobile phones, touchscreens, voice control, and television remotes, provide convenience and accessibility.
Compatibility with devices from various manufacturers, such as Sonos and Samsung, allows for easy integration of existing smart technologies.
The system promotes energy efficiency with automated power-saving features, reducing power consumption in the long run.
The experienced team of experts ensures the implementation of accessible, affordable, and innovative solutions for a futuristic home experience.
Futurahaus' home automation enhances security and monitoring capabilities, providing notifications and live camera monitoring for peace of mind.
Automated smart curtains and blinds add convenience and luxury to daily life, automatically opening and closing at desired times.

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