About the Company

Our Core Values outlines the holistic approach that we conduct our business of connecting people; Each candidate is individually interviewed and assessed – to ensure that we know the candidate’s strengths and abilities before we are able to match them to individual households. We are truly sincere in helping employers find a good fit for their households. We are doing what any good maid agency would do – care for their clients. Most of all, we stay true to our identity as a Professional Maid Agency in Singapore, striving to be one of the the best maid agencies in Singapore.

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Our qualified candidates are from Myanmar, Philippines, India and Indonesia
Each candidate is individually profiled and screened so we know their strengths and abilities and can better match them based on your household needs and requirements
Services: Consultation and Job Matching, Arranging and facilitating interviews, Work Permit Application, Issuance and Cancellation, Direct Hire Processing, Arranging Settling-in-Programme (SIP) for new-to-Singapore candidates, Arrange for Medical Screening and Examination, FDW/Maid Insurance, Counselling services, Repatriation Services

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