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Home Action Party, established in 2015, began as a small office selling DIY smart products and offering Control4 solutions. As client demands increased, the focus shifted to custom installations of smart home systems, aiming to provide maximum system reliability with minimal after-sales service. With a passionate team of automation technology specialists, their mission is to transform houses in Singapore into beautiful and clever habitation, earning them the title of top Control4 DIAMOND Dealer in Singapore with accredited showrooms internationally.

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Comprehensive Entertainment Room Solutions: HAP provides tailored solutions for entertainment rooms, integrating automation for practical and enjoyable use of home spaces, creating immersive home theater experiences.
Smart Home Lighting: With HAP's smart lighting solutions, users can easily control and schedule lights in their homes using smart devices, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.
Access Security: HAP offers advanced access security features that allow seamless guest entry with just one tap through controlling devices. Owners can also receive real-time alerts from surveillance cameras, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced safety.
Customizable Atmosphere Tuning: HAP's smart home solutions are fully customizable to meet individual preferences. Users can effortlessly set their desired environment with just one-touch button controls, enabling preset scenes to transform their living spaces instantly.
Smart Shades and Curtain Control: HAP's automated shading solutions provide time-saving benefits, allowing users to adjust sunlight flow into their homes and set the perfect ambiance for each moment of the day.
Voice Control Integration: HAP integrates popular AI speakers like Alexa and Google Home, enabling convenient voice commands for seamless home automation, making daily tasks easier and more enjoyable.
Experienced Team of Automation Specialists: With a team of passionate home automation specialists, HAP offers expert advice, objective planning, and the latest automation technology to ensure flawless and reliable smart home installations.
Control4 DIAMOND Dealer in Singapore: As the top Control4 DIAMOND Dealer in Singapore, HAP's certified showrooms are accredited internationally, highlighting their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality smart home solutions.

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