About the Company

Image Mastery International is a Singapore-based image consultancy offering corporate training, personalised consultation & group workshops in personal and corporate branding. Modules include but not limited to Colour Analysis, Figure & Style, Make-up & Grooming, Deportment, Professional Behaviour, Social and Business Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Wardrobe Audit & Management, Personal Shopping, Men’s Image, My Personal Best and Etiquette 101 for Children and Teens.

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Enhance your appearance and boost your career, incomes, and personal life with Image Mastery International's image consulting services.
Holistic approach to appearance, including pre-image consultation to understand objectives and designing custom programs based on individual needs.
Learn through highly interactive, practical, and hands-on lessons, making the process fun and effective.
Customized content for relevance to specific industries, with highly recommended services from past and existing clients.
Range of services for individuals (Ladies, Men, Graduate, Teens & Children) and corporations (Corporate Workshops & Seminars, Keynote Speeches, etc.).

Price upon consultation