About the Company

Since 1966, Isomil®, a soy based formula made from high quality soy proteins, has been helping children with cow milk sensitivity, lactose intolerance and other special feeding needs. We understand the impact of formula intolerance on you and your little one’s life. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to supplying most advanced soy based formula addressing the feeding issues and meeting the nutritional needs.

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Specially designed with high-quality gentle soy protein suitable for children with cow milk protein allergy (CMPA), lactose intolerance and vegetarians
Scientifically formulated with EyeQ Plus™ nutrition system which is a unique combination of 10 key nutrients
Prebiotics (FOS) assist the growth of good bacteria in the gut and help maintain a healthy digestive system.
Lactose free
Has a unique vegetable fat blend with no palm olein, and is GMO free

Price starts from S$55