About the Company

At Japan IPL Express, we know exactly who we are, what we stand for, and how to get things done. As Singapore’s first unisex IPL salon, we’re committed to offering the most effective and convenient IPL services dedicated to your needs and wants. “No Packages, No Appointment”, that’s our modus operandi. Some salons require customers to sign contracts lasting longer than romantic relationships — not us. There’s no need to call ahead or arrange your schedule around appointments. Come when you want, and get what you want. You call the shots. We are here to help you deal with the hair in the wrong places and the “how’d they get there” blemishes. We’ll soothe your concerns with comfort and speed. Reliable, affordable, straight to the point, and convenient? That’s us!

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Special promotions available
No Packages, No Appointment needed
Offers permanent hair removal for all areas of body and face using IPL
Aside of hair removal, they laso treat skin blemishes and other skin problems with IPL

Price starts from SGD2.4

444 reviews