About the Company

Joan Peilin is a certified Style Coach™ with a background in recruitment and executive search. As a headhunter, she understands the significance of making a lasting first impression. Graduating from London’s Style Coaching Institute®, Joan offers a distinctive blend of image consulting, personal styling, and life coaching to uncover and enhance her clients’ true selves. Her customized approach benefits professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, helping them refine their personal style, gain clarity on their professional identity, and boost their confidence. With a focus on individual needs, Joan’s expertise sets clients on a path to breakthrough success.

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Joan Peilin provides personalized style coaching services, including single makeovers, style packages, career packages, and virtual consultations.
Boosted Confidence with a Killer Look for Important Occasions
Tailor-Made Packages to Suit Individual Needs
Personal Style Discovery and Embracing Your Style Personality
Expert Colour Analysis to Find Your Best Colours
Health and Fitness Goal Setting and Meal Planning
Professional Makeup Techniques to Enhance Your Look
Personal Shopping for Daily Lifestyle or Special Events
Wardrobe Revamp to Create a Versatile Wardrobe
Career Coaching for CV Writing, Interviewing, and Networking Skills

Price starts from S$150-3200