About the Company

Lactacyd was founded in France in 1950 by scientists who wanted to create an effective product to prevent irritation. While testing for the best components, they discovered the virtues of lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced naturally by the female body as a protection for the intimate zone. The result of their investigation was an intimate wash that offered women the gentleness they sought for their feminine hygiene. The effectiveness and tolerability of this mild cleanser has been proven by numerous tests and confirmed through the use of millions of women around the world.

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Contains natural lactid acid
Provides balanced pH
Efficacy and safety clinically tested
Products: feminine wash, feminine wipes, feminine lotion
Helps restore the natural balance in your intimate zone
The mild, soap-free formulas are so delicate you can use them on a daily basis.
Complete range of intimate washes for every life stage or symptom

Price starts from SGD4-24