About the Company

Minimonkey is a Dutch brand, based in Amsterdam. Since 2007, Minimonkey has had a global focus on the development, production and sale of innovative baby products, with distribution partners in over 35 countries. Minimonkey stands for Margot and Margot stands for creating innovative products which make the lives of both parents and children more fun and easier. I enjoy tinkering for as long as I need to until the product is small, delicate, handy and ‘monkey proof’. Wonderful!

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Sewn-in/in-built pouch that allows you to fold the sling into a tiny 14 x 8 x 8 cm package, super portable
Adjustable clip (loosen or tighten) on the back panel to provide head & neck support for baby
Safety loop to prevent baby from slipping off unexpectedly
Allows your baby to sit in an ergonomic, hip-healthy M-shaped position. Back is in its natural curve alignment and the fabric covers up to baby's knee cavity
Soft padded neck trim for comfortable neck support

Price starts from S$69