About the Company

We are a husband and wife team that believes in showing what matters to the children of tomorrow.
As new parents, we are concerned that mass-consumerism is creating a growing throw-away culture, where quantity often precedes quality.
The legacy of traditional craftsmen and their work may soon be forgotten, if future generations continue to feed on this culture. We pay tribute to these heroes by working with them to conceptualise handcrafted children’s furniture that are built on age-old traditions and sustainable principles.
The products in our maiden collection are handcrafted using rattan, a durable and sustainable resource. Every item is made by hand – in the workshop or from the homes of the talented artisans in Indonesia so that they can work at their own pace while raising their families.

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Lightweight and easy to move around
Includes Hypoallergenic 6cm foam mattress as well as optional pole for hanging cot mobile
Material: Grade A Natural Rattan
The top part can be detached and converted into a play basket or ball pit bringing joy to your baby after he/she outgrows it

Price starts from Starts from S$399

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