About the Company

NannySOS is a professional confinement nanny agency in Singapore established since 2011. Registered and approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to help facilitate the employment such as applying confinement nanny work permit for Malaysian confinement nanny. NannySOS confinement nanny agency provides confinement nanny services to help mothers with full recovery after childbirth and taking good care of the baby. Parents can consider 24 hr stay in nanny or day time confinement nanny if spare room is not available. After the baby’s full month celebration, working parents can engage babysitting services part time or daytime basis from NannySOS confinement nanny agency where you can have a choice of babysitting at your own home or at babysitter’s home.

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MOM licensed Agency
Special promotion package for 28 days herbal, post natal massage sessions available
Also offers Confinement Food Catering, Pre Packed Confinement Herbs, and Confinement Herbal Package
Day Time Confinement Nanny option available

Price starts from S$1999

83 reviews