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NouRiche was established with one goal in mind, to provide new mothers with the nutrients they need for more effective and speedy recovery from childbirth. While maternity and giving birth is a crucial milestone for a woman, these times are also very delicate for her well-being. A woman needs to be strong and healthy to be able to deliver the child and recover from it. Thus, we at NouRiche wish to help new mothers in this endeavour by preparing the best confinement food in Singapore for our clients. Here, we combine the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and the experience of our chefs to come up with confinement meals that are both healthy and delicious.

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Our team integrates the therapeutic advantages of traditional Chinese medicine with the culinary expertise of our chefs to curate confinement meals that not only promote wellness but also satisfy the palate.
Offers Regular Confinement Meal and Vegetarian Confinement Meal options
Tried and tested TCM practices using only Essential Herbs and Natural Ingredients

Price starts from S$478-2158

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