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Our aim is for property owners to have an ease of mind and not to worry about unreasonably high prices that comes with minimal output. Along with high prices, companies also take a ridiculous amount of time to deliver results and quality reports. With our strategic manpower deployment, we complete an inspection within couple of hours rather than the usual 6-7 hours quoted by other companies in the market. We not only provide report in developers’ format, it comes with all photos taken at the property and 24/7 WhatsApp consultation to ensure you see through this defect inspection process and progress to the next phase with ease.

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SG DefectScan is registered with ACRA ( UEN: 202034596C ) Certified Bizsafe, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. Our Inspectors are certified and experienced with the necessary knowledge in Building and Construction (over 50 years of combined experience
Our equipments have been Certified ROHS Compliant and is Industry Standards. The equipment are Approved Safe for Environment use
SGDefectScan is the only Defect Inspection Company in Singapore providing 24/7 consultation via WhatsApp for property owners and inspecting properties of all phases including New / Resale / Post-Renovation / Pre-Purchase / Rental at reasonable prices

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