About the Company

Smart Home Fellas is a dedicated home automation company based in Singapore, aiming to elevate the comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency of homes across the nation. With a strong passion for smart homes, the team has hands-on experience testing and implementing various solutions in their own homes. This expertise allows them to advise clients on the best possibilities and practical applications of smart home technology. Every product in their catalogue undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top-notch quality, functionality, and safety. Smart Home Fellas takes pride in offering seamless smart home solutions, avoiding the potential pitfalls of DIY setups. Renovation companies and interior design firms can partner with them to bring their businesses to the forefront of home automation and innovation.

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Smart Home Fellas provides comprehensive smart device services, including installation, setup, programming, scheduling, and integration.
Smart Home Fellas offers a diverse range of products, including switches, sensors, security devices, lights, blinds/curtains, and universal remote controls.
Expertise & Experience: Extensive testing and implementation in their own homes, offering valuable advice on smart home possibilities.
Quality Assurance: Every product rigorously tested in their homes, ensuring top-notch quality, functionality, and safety for customers.
Personalized Solutions: Tailored smart home solutions to match each customer's lifestyle and preferences.
Reliable Support: Excellent pre and post-service support for a worry-free experience.
Break free from brand restrictions with Smart Home Fellas' platform, enabling control of multiple brands' devices through a single app.
Enhance your smart home experience with Voice Command integration for convenient control of your devices.

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