About the Company

STYLE&ME, founded by Fumi Lee, aims to empower women by helping them discover their unique charms through fashion, enabling them to exude confidence and radiance in all aspects of life. Based in Singapore and Japan, the company collaborates with high-end brands for events and VIP services, gradually expanding its presence in the Asian fashion industry.

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Personal Color Analysis: Discover the colors that harmonize with your natural features, achieving a beautiful and healthy look.
Personal Styling: Understand your body shape and learn how to wear fashion items stylishly, making fashion your ally.
Total Styling: Combine Color Analysis and Personal Styling to develop your personal style and enjoy a polished look.
Closet Consultation: Build an amazing closet with carefully selected items based on your colors, body shape, and lifestyle.
Shopping Advice: Receive guidance on choosing clothes that bring out your natural charms and style.
Styling Seminar: Participate in exciting seminars to learn about colors, trends, and dressing techniques to enhance your overall impression.

Price starts from S$150-500