About the Company

We at Sunmaster are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the Solar Control Film Specialists. Our solar films are manufactured in the US, which have been in the market for over 30 years. We supply different varieties of films to meet the requirements of all our clients. Pioneers in the Singapore’s solar control industry. Specialises in providing and installing solar films, design films, roller blinds, curtains and signages.

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Products: Reflective & Non-Reflective Film / IR & High Performance Film, Safety & Security Film, Colour Vinyl Decorative & Frosted Film (Sand-blasted look), Digital Inkjet Services / Acrylic Signages, Window's Dressing
Carries a variety of aesthetically pleasing and functional window film products for residential, commercial & automotive applications
Also specialises in safety & security films which are designed to hold glass fragments together in an event of glass shattering

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