About the Company

We are a team of professional painters providing painting expertise for small and large scale projects for both home and business owners since 1985. We customize our service based on your specific needs and we guarantee customer satisfaction every time! At SZ Painting, we use quality paints from Nippon Paint (Singapore) to ensure high level of surface finishes that work very well with residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we understand the needs of all our customers and we use our own team of skilled painters to ensure your peace of mind when you engage us.

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Customises painting service based on customers needs
Main packages: budget, standard, supreme
Also offers other services, including Painting services for landed properties, condominiums, offices/shops/factories/warehouses, Painting services for doors, toilet pipings, gates & more, Sealant services, Marble floor polishing, Epoxy floor coating, Roof tiles painting, and Waterproofing

Price starts from SGD250