About the Company

Established in 2011, Commune is a homegrown furniture design and lifestyle company that originated in Singapore, crafting high-quality artisanal works for the design-savvy. Our furniture is manufactured in our own factories in Malaysia and Vietnam, and our commitment to quality is reflected in our personal involvement across the full production process – from creative conceptualization to the eventual manufacture of each final product. As we have our own in-house design team, you can also be assured Commune furniture designs are authentic. At Commune, we don’t do imitation pieces or knock-offs that are “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of.” We’re passionate about authentic design. When you buy an authentic piece of design, you’re investing in quality, heritage, and longevity. You’re becoming part of its legacy, and it’s becoming part of yours. Most importantly, you’re supporting the designers who have shaped the world in which we live.

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Bundle deals and promotions available
Authentic furniture designs made by the in-house design team
Commune offers a 12-months limited warranty that covers structural manufacturing issues for all our products commencing from the date of delivery
Products: Faux Botanicals, Vases, Home Fragrance, Mirrors, Storages & Baskets, Wall Art, Decorative Accents
Commune uses eco-conscious timber imported from sustainable sources in USA, Europe, and Asia, and lacquers and coatings with low lead and formaldehyde content that are safe to use, and kid-friendly

Price starts from S$15-269