About the Company

The Style Factor is a Singapore image consultancy firm led by founder Patricia Lum, a qualified beautician and image consultant with a unique approach to personal grooming and style. Beyond just appearance, Patricia emphasizes the importance of effective communication and interpersonal skills in creating a lasting impression. With a background in public speaking and leadership, she brings a holistic approach to image consultancy, making clients look good, stylish, and professional. Through her expertise and passion for fashion and communication, Patricia aims to empower individuals to feel confident and build meaningful connections with others.

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Our Image Consultancy Services: Image Branding and Social Etiquette, Image Consultancy Services for Men, 1-on-1 Personal Shopping Assistance, Corporate Branding and Consultation
Experience life-changing transformations with The Style Factor's proven methodology, setting them apart from others.
Tailored image consultancy for men, recognizing the specific needs and preferences of their male clients.
Emphasis on practical and functional personal grooming tips to ensure clients always look their best.
Expert guidance in understanding individuality and body type to curate a truly personalized wardrobe.
Specialization in social etiquette and communication skills, crucial for enhancing professional interactions.
Proactive approach to wardrobe preservation and maintenance, ensuring clients' clothing stays in top condition.

Price upon consultation