About the Company

Uncle Amos has been in the renovation / Interior Design business for over 11 years. Beginning as an interior designer, he has helped many clients to achieve their dream homes at affordable prices. In the course of his work, he has worked with over 200 sub contractors and managed their work quality, work schedules, and repairs / fixes when work standards are not met. Uncle Amos now leverages on his decade long experience to helping home owners take over their houses 100% defect free.

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Unlike other companies that use ex-contractors / supervisors, we use ex-IDs that MANAGE projects and have real experience of catching defects
We generate a full report for you to work with HDB, that is easy for all parties to understand and rectify what is needed
Being an ex-ID, Uncle knows when fixes done / recommended by HDB / contractors / IDs are acceptable or just temporary

Price starts from S$250-700

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