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YHH Plus Enterprise provides 3 important improvement services catered to residential homes, commercial and public areas in Singapore. First, our Defects Check service is catered to help owners identify defects, submit defects list and rectify defects to an acceptable standard under BCA Conquas requirement within defects liability period. Second, we also specialise in customising and installing wide range of quality Curtains and Blinds to beautify your cosy home or office interior design theme. Finally, YHH Plus Enterprise’s Anti Slip flooring solution focus on providing a safe living and working environment in homes, public areas and workplaces. With our new technology of floor treatment, the floor friction increase greatly and is no longer slippery under wet and soapy condition. Therefore, it can GREATLY minimize slip and fall accidents.

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Defects Checking Standards include: Finishing, Joints and Gap, Functionality, Accessories Defects Alignment & Evenness, Crack, Material & Damages, Roughness, Hollowness/ Delamination
The identified defects will be reported to developer via hardcopy defect checklist or online submission
We perform professional defect check on different types of properties and identify poor quality workmanship within three essential areas – architecture, mechanical and electrical
We provide our defect inspection service to Singapore home owners of HDB BTO, Resale, Executive Condominium, Condominium and Landed properties. Our service is also available to commercial properties

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