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We share the hopes and aspirations of giving our young ones the best chance for future success by nurturing in them a love for learning, a growth mindset and confidence to navigate this ever-changing and increasingly bicultural world.
We believe this is best done when children are primed for learning in their early years. With our diverse range of expertise in language milestones development, whole-brain training and early childhood education, our mission is to help stimulate our students’ interests in Mandarin from early childhood and endow them with the best foundation to bring their Mandarin learning to greater heights.

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Mandarin enrichment programmes for pre-schoolers: Playgroup (1 to 3 years old), Music & Movement (1 to 3 years old), Literacy & Fluency (N1/N2/K1/K2), Speech & Drama (3 to 6 years old), Han Yu Pin Yin (K1 – P1), 1-1 Pri School Readiness
Also offers home-based learning in forms of educational video-on-demand, engaging home work, gamification, as well as LIVE small-group classes
The programme can be broken into 3 parts and begins with the sourcing of excellent Chinese picture-books containing age-appropriate words, interesting storyline, value-add such as teaching of morals and life-skills, as well as captivating illustrations.
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